When Parenting Styles Collide


Parenting teens is hard enough when parents agree on how a child should be parented; and even tougher when parenting styles collide. And the one place that parents should be especially concerned about not allowing confusion is in their own home.
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How has Midcourse made a difference?

Happy familyWe realize we are not a fix all and can not help every child, but we love to hear about the ones that we are able to help.
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Honor Company – Relationships

honorOur focus for Relationships is currently running with available dates of July 17-19 and August 14-16.

Please call our office if you would like to sign your son or daughter up for further mentoring! 810-227-0243

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Parenting Workshop

Parenting Workshop

Parenting Workshop

Our one day interactive workshop was created to strengthen families and empower parents to take charge of their lives and households.
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Year End Donations

giftDear Parent, Guardian, and Contributor,

When you or a family member is struggling with a child, where do you turn? It’s hard to know where to go or how to get the help you need when things are out of control…
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Hello parents,

ACT NOW! There are still a few spot’s available for this weekends Challenge Camp 1-17-14. Both Female and Male spots are open! Call the administrative office to set up a trip to camp while there is still space.


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Health Officer Vehicle!

Midcourse is blessed to announce that we are in the final process of purchasing a 2013 Polaris Ranger 500 EFI!
~This vehicle will add support to the camp by giving our Health Officer, for the weekend, a reliable means of transportation to gain access to all squads during their outdoor initiatives.
~Midcourse Correction’s Health Officers are specially trained in dealing with medications for the weekend, medical emergencies, and ensuring that all objectives, courses, and activities are accomplished in the most safe and secure manor.


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Rap written by a Midcourse Challenge Camper

Every day I was sayin’/
sayin’ and prayin’ that God give me another chance/
Hope that he could at least be my best friend/
Hope that the relationship with parents will never end/
Happy, I guess the sergeant taught me a lesson/
If I make my bed, I lie in it, the reality just sets in/
Writin’ down these lyrics but I just keep on forgettin’ what I writin,
It ain’t my parents fault that I am in this position/
It’s my fault because I’m making these bad decisions/
And all of these women wait a minute.
Let me get off sex and pay attention/ for what I am missin’/
Because it’s me against the world and it’s like an Armageddon
But the only thing I’m setting, is more fire to the flame and keep on sweatin’/ Some people say that’s sad but others say it’s hard/
But if I keep going down this path I will be starin’ at my graveyard/
2 words “no quitter”/
And being at this camp is just going to make me better.

– Rap written by a camper

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Parent Testimony at an Honor Company Graduation – touching!

I want everyone to know Marie’s whole story so you realize your teenagers can make a change. Marie is 14, about to be 15. From k5-6th grade Marie was a great student in school. She was part of student counsel one year and loved school. Slowly we noticed her changing. What we thought was the usual, was actually warning signs, but we didn’t know that. She started talking disrespectful to us, once in a while. She became very secretive. She didn’t want to have a relationship with her sisters. She really didn’t want to be around anyone but a few friends she had from when she was younger. Those friends were good girls when they were little and we did didn’t want to tell her she couldn’t be around them anymore but they were changing for the worst and we were scared Marie was too. And she was. By last year Marie wanted to drop out of school, she had horrible grades. She was cussing at us and threatening to fight us if we tried to get her to do anything. She was calling her sisters brats and hitting them. She tried to run away a few times and the worst was when she started taking pills to try and kill herself. We spent most of last year sitting at the hospital with Marie or visiting Marie in a hospital for mental health. They would keep her for a week or two, she would come home and the cycle started all over again. We live in a small town so the police station now knows us from all the calls we had to make. We were online trying to find someone to help us because everything seemed hopeless. They have boarding schools for troubled teens but their $4000 a month and there’s really nothing police can do but take your child to jail and once they’re in the system, you’re really the one who suffers. Finally we found this camp. The day we were coming here, Marie was calling us losers and trying to jump out of the car. We pulled up and she smiled and said anything was better than home. When we picked her up, she had a whole new look at home. Then a few weeks later, Marie was back to her old ways. We called camp and back she came. The second time worked for about a month and she tested us again so we had a few sergeants come out to our house and Marie realized we weren’t going to let this get any worse; it was either going to get better or her weekends would be spent in boot camp for the rest of her teenage years. We knew it wasn’t just Marie that had to make a change, it was us too, so we signed up for the parenting classes and started marriage counseling to make our house run as smooth as possible. Any chance we can get to take a class on raising kids, we take it. We thought she was the only one at fault but it was a combination of things. It was the kids Marie was hanging out with, the choices Marie was making on her own and us as parents. We made a commitment to change it all and stick to it. This camp was huge in helping all of us make those changes. It helped Marie see what she was doing wrong in life. It gave her people to talk to when she didn’t want to come to us and it kept her focused on a goal to become better. It gave us as parents the support we needed from the outside.
So now I’ve come to where we are now. Marie is a great daughter. She helps around the house no matter what we ask her to do. She babysits her sisters and we know they are in good hands when she is watching them. She works at our church in the kid’s rooms and in the coffee shop and never misses. They know when Marie’s on the schedule, they can count on her. We drop Marie off with her friends whenever she asks to make plans because she now has chosen good Christian friends and Marie herself can be trusted so we never worry. The biggest accomplishment Marie has made in the last year is her grades. She now has above a 4.0, she has a 4.08. She can’t wait to go to college and she is focused on a positive life. She’s happy most of the time now; she wouldn’t be a teenager if she smiled all day right?
If it wasn’t for this camp, I truly believe Marie would be a runaway or have died from overdosing, but instead, she is graduating today from Honor Company and we couldn’t be prouder.

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Recent Outreach

Midcourse Correction Challenge Camps recently had the opportunity to meet with several Walled Lake School District counselors during their professional development day. During the presentation Director, Rich Wood, and Drill Instructor, Kayla Cruthers, were able to outline the programs objectives and answer questions about the impact Midcourse has on the students in its 45-hour Challenge Camp. We look forward to working with the students and families in the Walled Lake School District.

Midcourse also had the opportunity to present at the Oakland County Counseling Associations event, “Agencies in the Round”. At this event counselors from the private sector as well as several school districts, and other agencies were introduced to the Challenge Camp program.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet with professionals in our area and look forward to better serving our community through the connections made at these two events.

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