Below are many of the frequently asked questions about our program. Please feel free to use the contact page and or call us with any further questions you may have.

Midcourse Correction Challenge Camps – FAQs

  1. What does the Challenge Camp weekend involve?
  2. Can you tell me more about the seminars? What are the topics?
  3. My son or daughter is not in very good physical shape, how will that affect their weekend?
  4. What are your specific goals for participants?
  5. What does the program include?
  6. What are the program requirements and cost?
  7. How do I register my son or daughter for a weekend?
  8. Does it really work?
  9. What are the times of the camp?
  10. How do I prepare my son / daughter for challenge camp?
  11. What do I pack for my son / daughter?
  12. Where are you located?
  13. Do you operate camps through the winter?
  14. Can I talk to parents of other kids that have attended the program?
  15. What is Level Ground?
  16. What is the cost for Level Ground?
  17. Is there help for parents?
  1. What does the Challenge Camp weekend involve?
    1. The program is an intense and highly structured 46 hour training weekend which implements such tools as daily calisthenics, experiential learning through high and low ropes adventure courses, marching, teamwork initiatives, and work projects. Interspersed through the weekend are a number of Seminars and break out sessions.
  2. Can you tell me more about the seminars? What are the topics?
    1. Seminars and “break out” sessions include:
        A video and discussion that describes life inside juvenile detention, jail, and prison facilities. We consider this our “wake up call” to encourage youth to look down the road and consider potential consequences of current behavior and decisions.
        A discussion of how all choices have positive and negative consequences on our future. Emphasized is the need to develop the mental, physical, social, and spiritual areas of our life to be a balanced person and make better choices.
        A creative session designed to show in a visual way how our positive and negative decisions have impacted our life. Others may affect our lives, but for the most part our lives are affected by our own choices.
        This session teaches the truth that our “actions” reveal to the world what we really believe and value. It is very important that our actions follow what we say we believe and value, otherwise we have only succeeded in fooling ourselves.
        Breakout session in which camper’s analyze fictionalized but truth based case studies of other youth’s life course and generate their own advised “preventions” and “mid-course corrections” that would have steered them on a better life course. Then applications are brainstormed for their own life’s navigation.
  3. My son or daughter is not in very good physical shape, how will that affect their weekend?
    1. Our camp counselors are trained and sensitive to physical ability ranges. One does not need to be an athlete to pass the program. The campers are scored on their attitude, cooperation and effort, not their physical ability. If a youth is unable to perform a physical request, a suitable alternative will be given. Parents should make note of any limitations on the Registration Form and during registration at camp are given an additional opportunity to let the staff know about any potential limitations.
  4. What are your specific goals for participants?
    1. Midcourse Correction’s specific goals include:
      • To give a “wake up call” It’s time to get control of their lives before it’s too late.
      • To experience how to work together as a team and deal with frustration positively.
      • To develop analytical thinking and problem solving skills.
      • To challenge abilities and encourage a positive work ethic.
      • To build confidence through new experiences and accomplishments.
      • To minimize selfishness and develop a growing and genuine concern for others.
      • To help realize strengths and encourage their development.
      • To help recognize and curb negative attitudes and actions.
      • To debrief challenge experiences and discuss how to apply them to real life situations.
      • To emphasize the importance of growing mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.
      • To challenge them to seek reconciliation with those they may have hurt.
      • And finally to encourage participants to seek help and support from family, trusted teachers, counselors, coaches, and pastors to make a positive “MidCourse Correction”.
  5. What does the program include?
    1. Midcourse Correction’s program includes:
      • Two nights lodging.
      • 24 hour supervision by 2-3 challenge course counselors.
      • 6 meals – starting with Friday evening through Sunday Lunch.
      • Written evaluation sent to referral source (parents, courts, or counselor).
      • Graduation certificate (T-shirt) if program is passed.
      • Two hour parenting helps session on Sunday before graduation. (No additional cost to parent).
  6. What are the program requirements and cost?
    1. The program requirements and costs are:
      • Age: 11 to 17 years old. 18 year olds are allowed if they are still in school.
      • Cost: $495.00 per camper per weekend. (Payment required before space can be reserved).
      • No personal checks accepted within 14 days of scheduled weekend. Cash, money orders, cashiers checks, Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
      • Limited financial assistance may be available to those who qualify.
      • Completed Registration form required 5 days before camp.
      • This program demands the full participation of all attending youth. Those potential campers that might be physically impaired or limited because of casts, splints, stitches, etc may be ineligible.
  7. How do I register my son or daughter for a weekend?
    1. Please call us to check space availability and for an initial screening interview. This interview is to ensure we are able to meet your needs in having a positive impact with your son or daughter. Camps are typically scheduled twice a month throughout the year.
  8. Does it really work?
    1. Midcourse Correction’s 46 hour Challenge Camp is of course not a cure for all negative patterns, and every youth is unique and will respond differently. However we have found very often that participation is a strong catalyst for taking steps in a positive direction and being more open to working with and receiving help from family, counselors, clergy, probation officers etc. And that is our hope for your son or daughter. We have many parents of former campers that are willing to share their experience with you. These parents receive no compensation for sharing their experience and we have not limited them or instructed them in any way on how to respond to your questions. If you would like to speak to a parent, please ask.
  9. What are the times of the camp?
    1. Please plan to have your son / daughter at the camp between 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM for registration. Please plan to stay for our 15 minute orientation from 6:45 to 7:00 PM on Friday. Only parents / guardians are permitted to pick up their son or daughter on Sunday, unless special arrangements have been made in advance in writing.Graduation is at 3:00 PM on Sunday. Our parenting session begins at 11:30 AM on Sunday morning before graduation. It is strongly recommended to attend this session as much of the content correlates with content learned by the campers and can be used as a stepping stone for rebuilding relationships and moving forward. A sign-up sheet will be available Friday at registration.
  10. How do I prepare my son / daughter for challenge camp?
    1. If you have made the decision to send your child, it may be hard on you, but the results can be well worth it. Please contact our office and talk with one of our counselors to discuss the best method for preparing your child for camp depending on their situation.
  11. What do I pack for my son / daughter?

    1. The youth will be outside 80% of the waking hours! Come prepared for cold, rain, snow, or heat. Pack:
    • Sleeping bag or bedroll
    • Pillow
    • 4 sets of clothes THAT CAN GET DIRTY! (complete sets including shirt,pants/shorts, socks, underwear)
    • Sturdy shoes or boots, at least 2 pairs. THEY WILL GET MUDDY! Please do not send expensive athletic shoes, they could easily be ruined!
    • Sleepwear
    • Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, towel and washcloth.
    • Coat, hat, gloves, rain poncho (if you do not have a poncho, do not purchase, we will provide one)
    • Insect repellent
    • All needed medication, inhalers, Epi pens for allergic reactions, etc..THESE MUST BE IN THE CONTAINERS LABELED FROM THE PHARMACY! A HEALTH OFFICER WILL DISPENSE PER INSTRUCTIONS.


    • Cell phones / Walkmans / radios / CD players
    • Cigarettes / tobacco
    • Lighters / matches
    • Weapons
    • Watches or Jewelry
    • Make up
    • Alcohol
    • Food/ gum / candy / drinks
    • Magazines / comic books


  • Where are you located?
    1. Midcourse Correction Challenge Camp operates at Wildwood Ranch in
      Howell, Michigan. A map will be included in your parent packet or use the following link for Google Maps.Our office is located in Howell, MI. For office hours, please see our contact page.

      PLEASE TAKE NOTE! Our office and our camp are located in two different locations.

  • Do you operate camps through the winter?
    1. Yes we do! The program is slightly modified as some outdoor team building exercises are not practical. We also take necessary breaks for warming up as needed. Please pack accordingly for these camps however, the youth are still outdoors for many activities.
  • Can I talk to parents of other kids that have attended the program?
    1. We would be happy to provide you with a parent reference. Please call us.
  • What is Level Ground?
    1. LEVEL GROUND is for kids that are younger than eleven years old but still portray unruly characteristics. Participants in our Level Ground program believe that they will be staying for the full weekend experience, but are actually only there for Friday evening. The first half of the evening is spent with the weekend campers, and the second half of the night is spent one-on-one with a Midcourse Counselor. This gives the child the direct attention needed that the younger campers need in order to work through their issues. Our Level Ground Program uses a “Scared Straight” technique that has proven very effective through past experiences, which shows the kids what their lives could become if they continue down their disobedient path.
  • What is the cost for Level Ground?
    1. $160
  • Is there help for parents?
    1. A. Yes! Every camp weekend we offer 2 complimentary parenting seminars that will provide you with tools to help your child continue with the changes that they have made over the weekend. The first class focus’ on Cyber Security and how to protect your child from various Internet dangers, and the second class centers around parenting. We also offer a one day, interactive seminar for parents. We will discuss a wide range of topics and give you strategies to bring more unity to your home. For more information and the cost for this program, please call our office at 810-227-0243.

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