Midcourse Correction Challenge Camps Press Release

Brighton, MI, November 25, 2011 – Midcourse Correction Challenge Camps, a non-profit organization committed to giving at-risk youth new direction and headquartered in Brighton, Michigan, is proud to announce the launch of a new and much anticipated website redesign at http://www.midcoursecorrection.org.

The custom new website design is a part of the organization’s mission to consistently meet client needs by providing a website with improved navigation, enhanced content organization that integrates search engine optimization, improved interactive communication functionality, and the innovative web technologies.

The custom website includes the following new features:

  • A comprehensive horizontal drop-down menu structure that allows users to find what they need quickly.
  • An interactive blog that provides up-to-date information and news.
  • A mobile device version of the website.
  • The incorporation of social media including Facebook and Google+.

The website redesign is the result of Midcourse Correction’s primary objective to help incorrigible youth develop self confidence and a higher concern for the effect their choices have on others and their futures.  “I am extremely excited about our new website,” Richard Wood, director of Midcourse Correction said. “Our goal is to be a preventative wake up call for youth and the new website will help us effectively reach the families of troubled teens.”

The website was designed by R & R Web Design LLC, a Michigan web design company. 

About Midcourse Correction Challenge Camps
Midcourse Correction Challenge Camps is a nonprofit organization based in Brighton, Michigan with the goal of being a preventative wake up call for youth who are on a self-destructive path providing intense, highly supervised and structured 46-hour Challenge Camp training weekends for at-risk youth, ages 11 through 17.

For more information about Midcourse Correction, please visit www.midcoursecorrection.com or call 810-227-0243.

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