How has Midcourse made a difference?

Happy familyWe realize we are not a fix all and can not help every child, but we love to hear about the ones that we are able to help.

Our staff are encouraged that they are making a difference when a student joins Honor Company, but we know there are so many more kids that turn things around, but do not attend Honor Company.

We would love to hear about your experience with Midcourse and other parents that are thinking about sending their child would too!

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One Response to How has Midcourse made a difference?

  1. Pat says:

    Our son attended camp and it has made a big difference already. You gave him something to look forward to with the “Honor Company” and he feels he’ll be better equipped to go through life and in understanding and communicating with family. Your parent seminar at 2:00pm should be mandatory –really—parents need help no matter how good we think we are. Keep up the good work. I feel your camp should be required for all Middle school and /or high school students and parents. You all should write for grants to offer this to more schools and courts for all ages 6-17yrs and 364days old youth (smile). They would grow up to be better adults, I think.