Rap written by a Midcourse Challenge Camper

Every day I was sayin’/
sayin’ and prayin’ that God give me another chance/
Hope that he could at least be my best friend/
Hope that the relationship with parents will never end/
Happy, I guess the sergeant taught me a lesson/
If I make my bed, I lie in it, the reality just sets in/
Writin’ down these lyrics but I just keep on forgettin’ what I writin,
It ain’t my parents fault that I am in this position/
It’s my fault because I’m making these bad decisions/
And all of these women wait a minute.
Let me get off sex and pay attention/ for what I am missin’/
Because it’s me against the world and it’s like an Armageddon
But the only thing I’m setting, is more fire to the flame and keep on sweatin’/ Some people say that’s sad but others say it’s hard/
But if I keep going down this path I will be starin’ at my graveyard/
2 words “no quitter”/
And being at this camp is just going to make me better.

– Rap written by a camper

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2 Responses to Rap written by a Midcourse Challenge Camper

  1. Joshua Scott says:

    I have went to this camp 3 times it was ruff but I made it. You guys should give thanks to these people to have done every thing in their power to help your son or daughter and if they don’t shape up ship them back to midcorse they will have a fun time their. But this program helped me a lot and inspired me to take control in my life learn self disapline and be respectful to your mother. Thanks to all the D.I’s and rich wood for creating the program.

  2. po-po says:

    Its was a good rap. Keep up your great work!