Parent Recommendations

“No words could express how we felt coming home from Midcourse Challenge Camp with our son… He always seemed to lack a sense of self-worth or self-confidence. He was smoking pot and lacked a sense of purpose, and he didn’t see the harm in the choices he was making…”

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Professional Recommendations

“As a probation officer for the last 6-years I have used many programs for intervention in helping the youth of my community. I have found that the Midcourse Corrections program is one of the best that I have come across. I utilize this program not only as a consequence for youth…”

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Graduate Comments

“I was sent through Midcourse Correction Challenge Camp over three years ago, for drinking, drugs, stealing, bad grades, and just being very unpleasant to be around. While I went through Honor Company, I started to fall off track once again because I would not let go of my old friends, who…”

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