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Graduate CommentsI was sent through Midcourse Correction Challenge Camp over three years ago, for drinking, drugs, stealing, bad grades, and just being very unpleasant to be around. While I went through Honor Company, I started to fall off track once again because I would not let go of my old friends, who drank and did drugs, etc. I was lying to everyone especially myself. Acting as if I was doing great but the truth was I was spiraling out of control.

My parents went out of town one weekend and left me with my aunt. I lied and took my mom’s car with a friend. We were drunk and were in an accident. My aunt came to get me from the police station and said “your parents are on the way home…right now.” It was 2 am. I ran inside my house still intoxicated, grabbed [a bottle] of medication, and took the whole bottle. The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital hooked up to machines and wires. I then had to be transferred to a hospital for the mentally sick. I was at rock bottom, I felt as this was the end and I would have to stay in places like that hospital forever. The worst part was, I was okay with it.

A short while after I went to that hospital, I was told [someone] was here to see me. When the door opened [the director of Midcourse and Honor Company] were there. They stayed and talked with me as long as they were allowed. I never expected that to happen, after all the grief I caused everyone, they still cared. When I got out of the Hospital I was asked to come back to camp….After graduating Honor Company, I became a junior staff for two years….

I am a college student preparing to enter the medical field; I have a great relationship with my parents and the staff at camp (our Midcourse family)…I would like to thank everyone at Midcourse for pushing me to be the best I can be.

A Graduate

My name is [deleted] and I am currently 17 years old. During my brief life span there have been many ups and downs and things that I have said and done which I have already regretted. If only I could go back and erase these things, I would do it in a very short heartbeat.

I am thankful to God for providing me with my very caring and loving family and consider myself blessed. I was adopted at the age of 2 and that fact did not affect me until I reached my freshman year in high school. That is when my life took a turn for the worse.

It was during my freshman year that I realized what being adopted meant and that my real parents abandoned me; I became angry toward the world and toward my adoptive parents. I reasoned that if my parents didn’t want me, then no one could have me. I began to act out in different ways as a way to bring revenge on my adoptive parents. I became more defiant, uncooperative, and argumentative. In addition to my being adopted I was also born with only my right arm. So all during high school I put up with all kinds of hurtful comments which caused my self esteem to be greatly diminished. Up until my freshman year I shrugged off all the cruel comments but then I became more resentful of my adoption and my physical disability. Even though my parents were very encouraging and supportive I still became even more resentful. I started hanging out with my friends and drinking and getting wasted, I started smoking, and even fighting in school all to try to cover up my pain and anger that was on the inside.

My parents tried many things to turn me around and encourage me. Some things worked some didn’t. One of the things they did that got my attention was signing me up for Midcourse Correction Challenge Camp. This was a real shock to my system. I had to do some things that were difficult. I had to help my team to get over a 12’ wall as well as climb a 40’ wall with just one arm. I couldn’t believe I could ever achieve this but was so proud when I did. I was told things that my adoptive dad told me but just blew off before, but because they were not coming from Dad alone anymore, but from many other caring people. The staff taught me that my parents did love me or they would not have picked me and that I needed to be more confident in myself and not let words get to me. After passing camp, my relationship with my parents changed to the point where I am very appreciative of them and love them dearly. I dropped my old friends and now have friends that do not hinder my growth.

This part of my life is really cool. I have many things lined up for the upcoming months of my life. No! They do not include chilling or partying, but rather graduating from high school, going to a week long Christian Conference, followed by a Mission trip and later on to college. Following this I am contemplating of becoming a Youth pastor or a High School Teacher to teach and help other kids based on the skills I acquired with my sad experiences and saves them from undue stress in their own and their parent’s lives.

A graduate

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