Professional Recommendations

Professional Recommendations“As a probation officer for the last 6-years I have used many programs for intervention in helping the youth of my community. I have found that the Midcourse Corrections program is one of the best that I have come across. I utilize this program not only as a consequence for youth but, also a form of intervention when a youth needs a taste of structure and discipline that they may not have within their own homes. The Midcourse corrections program is also valuable in that their staff are able to develop a rapport with the youth and provide feedback to me about how the youth is while away from their home. I have found that the staff’s ability to use positive reinforcement in a team concept provides the youth with an opportunity to learn self control and leadership qualities in them that they would never have the possibility to do within the community.”

Juvenile Probation Officer

“The strength of Midcourse Correction’s program continues to be its unique combination of punishment and positive personal growth. Changed attitude, increased problem solving skills, effective teamwork, taking responsibility for oneself and increased confidence are seen through this experience. The physical challenges and group initiatives bring about an awareness of new found abilities, while also teaching the consequences of choices and the responsibility they must take in making these choices.”

Chief Judge, County Circuit Court Family Division

I would like to recommend Mid-Course Correction for at-risk-youth. It’s an outdoor weekend challenge camp for kids who are incorrigible and kids who are on probation with the juvenile court system. They have over thirty years of experience of helping kids gain self-confidence and to have a higher concern for the effect their choices have on others. It’s a place to help youth who are on a self-destructive path.
Mid-Course has a top-notch staff who work intensively with the youth placed there and always follow up with written reports on the progress these youth are making while there.
I would highly recommend Mid Course Corrections as an alternative child placement consequence. We have had a lot of good results with their facility.
If you have any questions concerning this matter, please feel free to contact this court at the above number.

Family Court Judge

“Midcourse Correction provides a structured, behaviorally oriented weekend experience to youths who need to understand that their behavior has an impact on others. Often these youth have difficulty accepting responsibility for their behavior, blame others, and have no concept of the impact their behavior has on their families, peers, or society on the whole. These are youth for whom traditional therapy has little impact. They are kids who are headed for interface with the legal system if nothing changes. These kids are typically having problems in all areas of their lives, as they have difficulty accepting authority. I have sent two youth to Midcourse Correction, and both have returned exhibiting more positive behavior and attitude. Both these kids have been in the mental health system for years, and various treatment modalities have not been effective. I believe that this type of intervention is very effective for some youth, who have not responded to anything else. This program is a definite benefit to our clients, and I am happy to professionally support this effort.”

Family Mental Health Worker

“Midcourse has been a great resource for our very rural county. We often times search for a quick consequence that does not involve detention. We have found Midcourse Corrections to be a fine alternative. We appreciate the emphasis on Choices and Consequences as well as the individual and team building exercises. The youth return from their weekends often very tired but with a sense of accomplishment. It is our opinion that Midcourse Corrections will not alleviate all delinquency but rather helps the youth gain the personal skills that they may be missing, which surely contributes to their delinquent activities. We have appreciated our working relationship with Midcourse Corrections.”

Juvenile Administrator, County Circuit Court, Family Division

“The adolescents referred to your program many times have struggled with making good choices and present many behaviors that can simply be described as “incorrigible”. The Midcourse Correction program offers a wake up call to these youth who are heading down a path of self-destruction on many levels. The weekend experience for most youth assists them to believe in themselves and recognize that they can be successful. For many youth that come through the Court system, a program that offers skills on teamwork effective communication and taking responsibility for their own choices, is invaluable to being a step in the right direction to guiding these youth to living productive lives. We would like to extend our support and appreciation for the Midcourse Correction program and its ability to offer an alternative consequence to youth in our community.”

Family Court Probation Officer

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