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Parent RecommendationsNo words could express how we felt coming home from Midcourse challenge Camp with our son… He always seemed to lack a sense of self-worth or self-confidence. He was smoking pot and lacked a sense of purpose, and he didn’t see the harm in the choices he was making. It was hard to watch and not know how to fix, as parents. After we found out what he had been doing this summer we signed him up after learning about MCCC through a friend who had sent two of his children, with great results.

So, we acted quickly and sent him for a weekend at Midcourse. When we watched the graduation, we wondered how he would feel about what we had done, and whether one weekend could really have the big of impact. When we walked up to him, he said, “I get to come back,” which was the last thing we expected to hear. For a moment we were confused, because he had graduated – he had the t-shirt on- so why would he be coming back? Then he told us he had been asked to return for Honor Company.

He is now playing football, working on homework, (without being told to), and taking responsibility for his world. He is now talking about his future and is figuring out things he can do now to get where he wants to be.

So, now he is looking forward to returning to Honor Company. His story is not complete yet, but we are so thankful we found Midcourse.

Mike and Nancy

Mr. Wood and the rest of the great staff at Midcourse,

I’m honestly without word this morning. My daughter attended your camp in the month of June. She had never been a very difficult child but the last school year had become very withdrawn and depressed. She started refusing to turn in her assignments and she was lying about her school work. Her all “A” report card turned into progress reports filled with “D’s” and “F’s”.

I dropped her off on Friday evening at MCCC totally devastated about what I was going to put my daughter through for the weekend. I didn’t think she’d ever speak to me again, but I was TOTALLY wrong. After graduation she walked into my arms crying (the first open hug I’ve received in a year), her tears weren’t of sadness but of elation. She talked non-stop for three hours after we picked her up…we knew everything about her weekend; it’s the most she’s spoken in months.

Just before she crashed for the evening (she was exhausted), I stopped in to say goodnight. I asked her how she was feeling and these were her words, “I’m sore mom, but not bad sore, it’s actually a good sore. I can’t even tell you how it feels inside to know what I accomplished in two days. I actually climbed that wall, and when I was up there and I rang that bell there was no other feeling like it.” Her words weren’t the best part; it was the inner glow that emanated from her. You REALLY made a difference in her life and I can’t thank you enough for that.

We have yet to see how she does with school next year, but she’s really looking forward to participating in Honor Company and I can imagine that she’s once again on the right path. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!


Dear Midcourse Correction:

How can I ever thank you? From where my son started to where he is now, is almost a miracle. Failing grades, lying, you name it, he was on his way. Just a year and a half ago, on that snowy winter day, we took …. that little trip to Midcourse Correction Weekend Camp. …… I knew I had to do something or his future would be lost. He was on the wrong path and I was determined to put him on the correct path. Ultimately, with your help he found the correct path, with some detours, but he passed camp with pride, the help of Honor Company (which he graduated in April 2010) and especially the last visit with the sergeants.

He is a lovely child. He is fun to be around again. He is very funny and he actually enjoys being with the family again, and we love it too. His grades turned around that next semester, and over the last year and a half he has found the path of better behavior. Yes he has had some detours; however, returning quarterly to Honor Camp helped him to stay on track…. When I ask him to complete a chore, homework, or help in anyway he does it without all the huffing and puffing like before. It is so pleasant. I honestly can not thank you enough.

I only hope that other parents/families understand the overall gift you give to the children and their families, and hopefully they take advantage of your experience. Your gifts are immeasurable. These benefits are for present control and for future peace. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for my son back.



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