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We believe in helping to build a foundation of personal, emotional, and spiritual growth for at risk youth through teamwork, initiatives and mentorship, resulting in a brighter future.

“Belay on” signals you. You size up the task ahead and start climbing the rock wall. It feels impossible, but your belayer keeps you on course. Your confidence grows. You know that if you misstep, slip, or even fall, they are your anchor. The higher you go, the less you rely on them, and eventually, you locate your own anchor and command “off belay!”

As part of our commitment to improving who we are, Midcourse Correction is proud to announce its Belay On! campaign, inspired by the thousands of graduates who have celebrated that moment in Midcourse Correction’s 28 years of service--campers who were at risk of misstepping, slipping, or falling in their own lives, campers who needed an anchor, campers who scaled the wall.

We can’t wait to share that moment of independence, strength, and confidence. We can’t wait to equip them with strategies to improve their personal, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We can’t wait to see the personal growth that happens over the course of our Challenge Camp weekend.

The new journey begins now. On belay?

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